onsdag den 27. januar 2010


I'm in Copenhagen right now, it was a completely spontanious decision and ended up skipping school today. But my great-grandma isn't doing fabulous and she lives overhere (along with the rest of my Danish family). So here I am. And the weather has decided to be and stay shitty, so who knows when I'm coming home? But considering the circumstances, I have not been out. At all. No shopping for me.

Anyway..I was browsing Modström's webpage (I saw a pretty sweet leather tux jacket and wanted to find a picture of it) and I actually love the styling of their lookbooks. All of a sudden, I want to own all their clothes! But..I'll leave you with my two favourite pictures..
I chose this as one of my favourite pictures (fall 2009 lookbook) not so much because of the actual clothing (the above clothing isn't even that exciting/special), but because it's a fantastic picture for a clothing company. I love the pose, the hair and the makeup. The picture oozes of sex without showing clevage or legs. Well fucking done.
This was the leather tux jacket I would love to get my hands on... but I haven't seen it anywhere in stores and also, it's going to be hard to get ahold of now, since it's from their winter 2009 line. Damn it!

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