fredag den 1. januar 2010

New Years <3

I spent my New Years in Horsens. It was good- we had awesome food (sushi and midnight pizza), lots of weed to satisfy any smoker's need and sick tunes. But I really wanted to go out to a club, but that didn't happen. It's ok, I'll do that next year!

Soooo..Here's me before heading out the door..
I was wearing a fucking awesome Won Hundred dress- it has gold details hanging from the sleeves, so I did an entirely gold theme with the jewellery; gold thread earrings, gold studded Blond bracelet, my CK watch, my rings from my man (which all happen to be gold), and my sick new H&M ring.
The dress is unfortunately a size too big- I couldn't get it smaller, so I had to wrap a belt around my waist to make it fit properly. But as far as I can tell, the belt ended up making the dress better?

Me and my two brothers- Erik and Christian :)

Simon and I, watching the fireworks.
Hope everyone had a good New Years!

2 kommentarer:

  1. ej hvor er du fin, er vild med kjolen! og tak for din kommentar, følger dig nu, måske du også har lyst til at følge os (; ?

  2. Hehe tak tak :)
    Er også smadre glad for kjolen, selvom den er lidt for stor!

    Jeg følger også jeres blog, er vist tilmeldt som fast læser :D



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