onsdag den 13. januar 2010

Let's have it

There is a picture-overload ahead. You've been warned! Things have been rather hectic around here-school is stressing the shit out of me and my financial situation is also a tad stressful. I have to save up a substancial chunk of money if I want to move out after the summer- but with all these bills, ontop of shopping and vacation, how will I manage? Aaaaahhh..I'm sure I'll figure something out...
I was at the mall yesterday, trying to find a present for my friend. Her party is on Friday (which I'm ridiculously excited for, by the way). This mall trip resulted in funny pictures, and of course, buying myself something which I defintely don't have money for. Oops. I'm wearing...Samsøe sweater and strapless top, Lux acid wash jeans, Bianco winter boots.

The four above pictures are from today. This is the shirt I (accidently) bought at the mall yesterday: Gestuz tshirt 100kr-how could I resist? Anyway, I'm off to go get my hair coloured now...going back to my totally awesome and seriously rad light brown shit colour. Hurrah!

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  1. Are you going back to natural????? OMG LINE this is your first time in YEARS!
    And by the way, the shirt buy was a good choice. I personally love that shirt.
    You look amazing in these pictures. :)



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