torsdag den 14. januar 2010

Spring List

There are many holes in my wardrobe-maybe I can fill a few of them this spring?
-Orange nailpolish (I'm never seen without nailpolish, so new colours are always exciting!)
-Lace leggings (I'd like the material to be slightly thick)
-Leather skirt
-Silicone inserts
-Skinny black pants/jeans
-Polka dotted tights (I have to go to H&M soon, they have them there :D)
-At least one more pair of wedge boots (preferably with laces?)
-Black leather belt with silver studs
-Two pairs of statement earrings, one in gold and one in silver.

I'm sure this list will grow as the months pass, but for now, it seems do-able. Oh, and I wouldn't mind getting my hands on these two rockin' items:

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