mandag den 18. januar 2010

Yeah baby!

Sooooo.. I will most likely be getting my hands on these babies in less than 2 weeks (finally)! I'm pretty stoked about it, I just hope the size fits. I can't wait to wear them-they basically match everything in my wardrobe. Watch me do the happy dance!
Oh..and this bag from Blond Accessories as well (I've previously blogged about it). I got ahold of it in the gray suede version-pretty lovely too. It's the perfect party bag. I'm tired of my Chanel look-alike that everyone in Kolding has.

I was a bit boring today... Gestuz cardigan, Samsøe Samsøe tshirt, April 77 jeans, Bianco necklaces.

3 kommentarer:

  1. see.. I love how you consider this boring, yet I find its absolutely gorgeous.
    Hmm... difference of opinions, lol :P

  2. Aww thanks Kelly :)
    Well, I don't think it's "boring" exactly, not the right word I used. But it's not as exciting as it could be..

  3. Hej! Jane sent me to your blog. I am a friend of hers. Just saying hello :) I miss Denmark big time...I lived there for 6 months to study (I also took a class in Malmo).



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