tirsdag den 5. januar 2010

Moves slowly

Today was an odd mixture of good and bad. I woke up next to my lover- this was good, very good. Then a crappy thing happened (I don't care to elborate; just trust me when I say it's shitty) and then I met up with my babes again, also a good thing. And I finally got my Christmas present..defintely worth the wait!

Here's what I was wearing today...

Gestuz cardigan, Wilfred bustier top, Miss Sixty leggings, H&M bracelets (I love this purchase- I wear them constantly and I can't get over how cheap I got them!) and my new necklace, AKA my Christmas present. Scroll for a better picture.
Simon bought me this Arena necklace- it was on my wishlist. I love how simple it is (boring? Not to me!) It just goes with everything and I barely have any necklaces with hearts on them. I like symbols by the way.
I painted my nails purple today. This is one of the Depend nailpolishes I bought a while back ago (and blogged about). It spiffs any colourless outfit up during this dark winter season.

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