mandag den 25. januar 2010


So the lovely wedges from S///Bar are now on hold and will be picked up on Friday. Hurra! But I'm in a little pickle. I was sure I wanted the S///Bar shoes in black (goes with more stuff, doesn't show dirt, etc), but the caramel colour is also pretty shnazzy..what to chose?

Here's a picture of the outfit today..I'm wearing... Gestuz cardigan, Samsøe Samsøe blouse, Wilfred leggings.

3 kommentarer:

  1. honestly that colour shoe looks like those gangsta work boots style.
    Black would be my choice ;)

  2. HAHAHAHA..omg you're fucking right! I never thought about that! But then again, there certainly would be an element of awesome to having "nice gangster work boots" eh? HAHA..

    Ps.- I love your comments.

  3. good. glad you like them! I like reading your shiznit you put up ;)

    And Line, you're probably the only person that could rock the "nice gangster work boots"



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