søndag den 24. januar 2010

To buy or not to buy

..That is the question.
So, as anyone reading my blog would know, I've been on a serious wedge-heel high and have been cheating on Bianco repeatedly. And of course, I've found yet another pair of walking orgasms that would suit my wardrobe perfectly. The S///Bar wedge is defintely being bought in 5 days, no matter what. But I've found yet another item I wouldn't mind owning...gaaaahhh...

These babies are from my beloved Defeeter. At first glance, they do appear quite "I'm-a-prostitute-standing-on-a-street-corner", and when you put them on, they still maintain that certain stripper feel. But regardless, I loved them. My only concern is to not appear prostitute/stripper like. And I was wondering how I could do that when I saw this...
Here's a picture from www.nathaliebergh.se and she wears them so well! So now I'm considering the purchase of yet another wedgeshoe that isn't from Bianco. Oh life, never thought I'd be paying this much for shoes!

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  1. holy fuck woman. you are insane! how much do you spend a month on clothes & shoes?!



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