fredag den 26. februar 2010

Coin laundry

I picked up a lovely Acne T today (and ordered the white Gestuz bodystocking in the right size). If Acne tshirts didn't retail for 300kr+, my wardrobe would be stocked to the brim with these lovely suckers! dream bag of the day is this lovely creation from Alexander Wang. I mean, if I had the money to buy a high-end bag, I'd be hesitant about buying Wang- he makes things that are no doubt lovely, but I'm just not sure if his stuff is timeless? Regardless, I wouldn't mind having this baby hanging from my arm...
Can't fucking wait til we get these at our Bianco- but I'm going to have to wait until April. Damn! The picture below doesn't do them justice. IRL they're amazing (they have a zipper all the way down the back). But at least I have something to look forward to..

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  1. Damn, you look goooood.
    And all the boots you like are the same basic style just all different in their own way. But I do really like these I think they'd be my favourites



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