tirsdag den 2. februar 2010

Goodies on their way

I'm all anxious about packages I'm receiving this week- bought a shit ton of stuff on Trendsales, hope everything fits (and is in good condition)! One of the dresses, the velour dress from Second Female better come before Thursday. I'm going out (again) this Thursday, hoping it will be a success.

Here's today's inspiration:
Picture from thehautepursuit.com

I seriously wouldn't mind owning that awesome fur thingy. Also the way the clothes work together is pretty sweet. THOUGH I am completely anti rosary wear-ers. Most people don't know the religious significance behind this, and damn, I don't really like ignorant people (though of course, I'm not saying the above girl is ignorant, just saying in general). It might also have to do with the fact that many (yucky) Danish "pop-boys" (boys who wear baggy G-Star pants, tuck their pants into their socks, use way too much hair product, etc.) often wear rosaries. Ok, my rant is over.

HAHAHAHA OMG. Sorry, bad way to start out a paragraph, but woah, I found an old video I uploaded on youtube.com some 3 years ago. I uploaded it there because I needed a code for it, so I could post it on Livejournal. And guess how many people have watched it? 31 554 VIWES. More than 31 THOUSAND views. That's ridiculous! And the comments, holy shit they're hilarious!

Here's a little snap of one of the things I'll be receiving in the mail shortly (here's to hoping the Danish post system manages with all the snow). I can't wait to jump right into it!
Picture from Trendsales.dk

But most of all, I'm looking forward to the velour dress. Get into my mailbox already!

Picture from smartgirl.dk

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