onsdag den 3. februar 2010

H&M I love you

H&M rocks my inner makings in so many ways.

I checked out these two Sonia Rykiel for H&M products while they were full-price. I contemplated heavily, but didn't have much money at the time. I told myself "If it's meant to be, my sizes will be here in a month". Then the items were half off. So, I returned the next day (today) to buy them at half off..and then they cost 30kr! Thank god for not having money on me the day they were half off!

Then I picked up the bracelet as well (which was full price, but who gives?) because I already have the matching ring. And I like things that match :)

ps.- Still waiting for my velour dress..please come in the mail tomorrow, PLEASE!

7 kommentarer:

  1. awesome! I love scoring wicked ass deals on shit. :)

  2. I KNOW! It's fuckin' rockin'!

  3. You were so lucky! It always gets on my nerves when I buy something and all of a sudden it costs less than the half price!

  4. I'm pretty lucky sometimes :)
    Hehe..and yeah, I know the feeling. So many things that I bought in November/December have gone on sale :(


  5. Sometimes life treats you well.

  6. Thats crazy, it was so meant to bE:D



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