fredag den 5. februar 2010


Thursday was a party- minimal was playing loudly from the speakers and I certainly danced my ass off. A sick party, I must say. We got home late (of course) and I'm getting some serious stinkeye from the rents. Great. Cannot wait to move out and be in charge of myself. I mean, yeah I went out on a Thursday, but I got to school today and I wasn't even late! Give me some credit here! Moving on... Here are some pictures from yesterday.
I recently blogged about the skirt I'm wearing- I saw it on H&M's website and fell in love. So when I saw it in at our store, I had to buy it (79kr, who the fuck wouldn't buy it?!). And I picked up a statement necklace, that was freakin' cheap too. I love cheap stuff that's awesome :)
Samsøe Samsøe tshirt, H&M bracelet, Blond Accessories bracelet, Friis & Co. necklace, H&M skirt and S///Bar shoes.
Here are some pictures from the evening...

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  1. Line, awesome cheap stuff is how I buy everything. I've gotten into this trend that it's impossible for me to justify spending the full amount for anything anymore ;)



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