tirsdag den 16. februar 2010

What's a girl to do

Vacation is here and I'm loving it. Today I made a fabulous breakfast (scrambled eggs, tons of bacon, toast, mushrooms and hashbrowns) and sent my man off to work. I also took a long nap and watched District 9 (which was fantastic by the way).

Valentine's Day this year wasn't really celebrated (it really hasn't been in the past either). We're going on a romantic getaway on Thursday, so the need wasn't really there. Despite this, the man did do something. It seems like something to simple and so trivial, yet it warmed my insides and reminded me why I love him. Small things do count.
I apologize the bad quality of the above picture
I bought these pants yesterday- I desperately needed a pair of simple, black skinny jeans. I only have one other pair of black pants, but they were bought 3 years ago when I was heavier (meaning I can't fit them for shit). So I splurged on these from Won Hundred. I almost never buy expensive pants, but these were an exception (I will try to post a picture of me wearing them tomorrow).
I'm defintely going to be buying this top next Friday (the 26th) when the paycheck arrives. I couldn't find a picture of the top in the creme colour I'm getting, but you can at least see what it looks like:
I was at work yesterday, and yaaaay, I got a hold of these lovely wedges! Can't wait til they arrive, they will look so great with my new Won Hundred pants. I wouldn't mind if the wedge had been taller- but then again, if they wedge had been taller, they wouldn't have been as comfortable!

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  1. a) I dont really celebrate valentine's day either. I find it's much nicer to celebrate on the anniversary where it means more to you as a couple. But this year keefer bought be roses and chocolates and stayed at Adam's house with me sunday to monday (I was dog-sitting while they were at ice hotel.)

    b) I like the pants - very nice. they'll look hot on you.

    c) finally you got the shoes. yay! ;)

  2. like the wedges. very nice.




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