mandag den 1. februar 2010

Your words

I put the shoes I'm trying to sell on Trendsales and it seems to be paying off! I've had a few offers which is pretty sweet. I mean, I seriously need to start saving up so all the money from the shoes will be going into an account I can't access. Haha, otherwise I'd be too tempted to use it!

Speaking of shoes, I picked up those awesome Defeeter boots I've been blogging about since I started this blog. I was lucky enough to find them on Trendsales- they're a 38 so I was taking a bit of chance considering I'm between 38 and 39. They fit pretty nicely, though a bit snug. I hope this doesn't bother me and that they stretch a bit. Here's a lil shot.
My weekend was pretty decent- after the crazy night last Thursday, I was pretty destroyed the rest of the weekend. Plus, on Saturday, my stomach was killing me! So many pains, hate being a woman if you get my drift : And of course, there is a HUGE bash at the same club this Thursday. I am so defintely going. My sleeping pattern is going to get so fucked. Here are some pics from the weekend (we held a belated birthday for our good friend).
I was wearing my fave black Global Femme sweater and Global Femme skirt.

And, I guess I'm still going strong on this shoe craze. Theese babies are basically my wet dream. Thank god I don't have 1500kr at my disposal , cause I would hit this shit up. Hit this shit up hard.

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