søndag den 28. februar 2010

There's a chemical in weed called "Fuck it"

I GOT MY GALLA DRESS! I'm utterly excited about this positive turn in events..I can't even believe my luck really. I had tried this dress at a higher-end boutique in September-I'd wanted to buy it for my birthday. But with a pricetag of 1400kr (which was a bit steep), I had to let it stay in the store. By chance I was downtown last week-and it was on sale; 550kr. So it had to be mine...all I'll say for now is it's from Rützou. I'm going to have refrain from posting pictures until April when I actually have to wear it.
I bought this jacket on Trendsales- I can't wait to receive it in the mail. Back in November, I was in doubt whether to buy this jacket or my blue one with the fur. Due to reasons I don't want to mention here, I opted for the blue one. But when I saw it on Trendsales for a reasonable price (it was 1300kr in stores!), I thought "why not?".

Last night was a pretty fun night. We started out at my place, the boys were drinking and I smoked up. We then bar-hopped a little and ended up at Pistop. Here are some shots from the evening.
Did everyone else have a good weekend too? Yeah, now I've gone from barfing-sick to sinus-sick. Can't wait til March comes around, a fresh new month without sickness (hopefully)!

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