tirsdag den 9. februar 2010


I work at Bianco- I love my job, but at the same time, I usually spend way too much money on shoes (and don't end up wearing them). I just found an awesome shoe online that I'm dying to own- but our store hasn't bought it! So now I'm going to have to call around and hopefully, another store will sell this to me at buying price! My fingers are crossed. Picture from www.bianco.dk

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  1. Dont you have like...the exact one in black?

  2. Yeah, they look very much alike. But they're from a different make and made from different materials. I really like this beige colour :D

  3. Loving those shies. Zara has/had some similar and I am looking to get them. Can you get these online? I need such shoes :)

  4. No, unfortunately Bianco doesn't sell their shoes online. But go to their website and find the number for the main office. They can tell you which stores in Denmark (do you live in DK though?) have bought them :)

    Good luck!



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