lørdag den 6. februar 2010

House made of paper

I've hired a photographer (my boyfriend, best friend, mom, etc). I'm going to try making bathroom timer pics a thing of the past. But this is not a promise. I don't always have a willing body at my disposal (ok, that sentence could be misunderstood).
Here I am at school. I'm wearing... S///Bar shoes, Cheap Monday jeans, Samsøe sweater.

This mustard (ish) coloured sweater is a new purchase off Trendsales. I had seen it in stores and seriously contemplated making it mine, but when I saw it on Trendsales, I thought, "Why not?" I love being able to save a bit of money (even if it's only 200kr).
By the way, is it just me, or am I rocking a Mary Kate Olsen vibe? I mean, I love how huge the sweater is, and as far as I'm concerned, "the drowning look" is actually alright here. What do you think? AND..notice my seriously sweet boots. I love them!
I'm going downtown for some shopping and coffee. Have a great weekend guys!

5 kommentarer:

  1. The boots are awesome! Overall,the outfit looks great.

  2. nice blog!!!
    great photos :)


  3. Great photos and outfits!

  4. I really like it and the colors great...very chic...nice blog I'm following..visit mine and follow if you like :)


  5. Jeg er vild med det "druknede" look. Passer rigtig godt til dig!




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