søndag den 21. februar 2010

Do you have a dollar ?

I've gotten really sick. And it came on Thursday, the day babe and I left for our long awaited mini vacation. Which, of course, was ruined because we were both very sick. We paid a shitload of money to have a nice hotel room for two nights- and all we did was lay in bed, run to the bathroom (to puke, etc) and pop Advil. Fucking awesome! Also, I was supposed to go to my good friend's going-away party last night (had saved my Second Female velour dress for this occasion), but of course, that didn't happen either. I'm sad :(

Now on to the picture-portion of the program...
Woooohooooo. My sand-coloured suede babies are now in my pocession. Can't wait to wear them to death this spring. They sure are a nice alternative to black, esp. when the weather improves.
Picked up these fellas aswell. They've just hit stores and I thought they'd be a comfortable, yet trendy workshoe. And I'm thinking I was right? We'll see after next Saturday when I'm pushing a 6-hour shift.

The man loves to joke around with the camera, he still doesn't take this whole "blog thing" seriously. Then again, why should I? So I've decided there must be room for silly pictures, hence my arse. Enjoy kiddies!

Wearing... H&M cropped blazer, Global Femme tshirt (I like knotting it, otherwise it often looks like a tent, despite the fact that it's an XS), random leather-look leggings, Bianco shoes.

2 kommentarer:

  1. AWESOME arse, hahaha (: og smukke sko!


  2. HAH this is the girl i know!
    The one that performs the wheel of fortune on my bed...



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