mandag den 8. februar 2010

Junkies in the alley

I usually stay the fuck away from sequins- they're fuckin' everywhere! On jackets, leggings, purses.. it's pure madness. I mean, sequins can look nice, but it must be done tastefully. Until just recently, I only had one sequin item in my entire wardrobe (incredibe eh? Considering the massive hype around this trend), a purple sequin bolero picked up at my favourite vintage store three years ago. Yeah, before the mass hysteria spread like the plague.

On Saturday, I was downtown with my man. He's working full time (to save up for our moving-out-adventure after the summer) and said "You can pick one thing; whatever you want" so that's what I did. has sequins -gasp- I was in doubt whether or not to keep the item..but then I decided, "Fuck it. You're mine now bitch" and here I am, wearing it as I type. The point of this long rant, is basically just to hear what ya'll think of this sweaterSweater from Second Female, skirt from H&M, purse from Blond Accessories, shoes from S///Bar.

I recently picked up this necklace (I'm wearing it in my party picture from last Thursday). I couldn't resist- statement jewellery? One bandwagon I've hoped on. only cost 100kr! Score.
Here's a picture of my get-up from the weekend (plus some more pictures from the weekend's weed-filled extravaganza):Samsøe Samsøe sweater, April 77 jeans, Blond Accessories purse, Defeeter boots. I know, I look like a scruffy and tired twat (maybe because I am these above things?).'s an item I wouldn't mind owning (shoes, AGAIN. I don't know what the fuck has happened, but shoe-loving has exploded for me).

To round of this rather long picture-post, I'll leave you with a teaser about my new art project. I take visual arts at my school and I do like it most of the time. The only problem? You can't force creativity. It usually just comes and goes (and of course, is never, I repeat, never around when I'm actually sitting with all the tools in front of me).

2 kommentarer:

  1. I like the sweater.
    I just bought something with sequins actually - very random for me but i thought the jacket was cute.
    And I know what you mean, shoe loving has exploded for me too. I jsut got 2 new pairs of boots the other day.
    Yeah online shopping is addictive....

  2. I love your statement necklace. I love it!

    - Charlotte Amalie (;



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