fredag den 16. april 2010

Dark Clouds

Went out last night. It was awesome. Ended up with glow in the dark shit all over my face and back (was attacked with the entrance stamp).. Here's what I was wearing (I didn't have a willing photographer, I apologize!):
Wearing.. American Apparel top (I tie a knot on the end, it has this weird length), Won Hundred jeans.

Being strapped for cash has made me find "old gems"- clothing I've had for a while but have forgotten. I also feel I've been in a bit of a fashion rut, not knowing what to wear. Therefore, I went through some of my (many) drawers yesterday and discovered this top from AA. I love it, but have only worn it a handful of times since buying it (over a year ago!).

I love this picture I took of Simon rocking out.

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  1. awesome. Dont you love glow stick shit all over your face? hahahaha. As I've mentioned before, finding old gems is always the best :D

  2. loving that top, lovely blog.x

  3. Hej Line.
    Vidste ikke du havde en modeblog? Nice one. Du ryger direkte ind på min linkliste.
    Tjek min ud;
    - Mie (the 1.g'er)

  4. Kelly- Hahahaha.. that glow in the dark shit is fun but MAN it itches! It's ridiculous! Hahaha, and yes, finding old awesome shit is.. well, awesome.

    Black Fashion Tea- thanks and thanks :)

    Mie- Hehehe, nej det er ikke noget jeg reklamere med. Ikke fordi jeg er flov, men har ikke så meget lyst til at lave PR for mig selv. Oooh, checker da lige din ud og bliver fast læser skaaat ;)

  5. I have the same AA top and I always have to tie a knot near the end too

  6. Super lækkert outfit..
    - great blog du har, fast læser nu ;)

  7. Trop Rouge- well, I always tie a knot at the end, I feel the lenth of the top is so awkward. Doesn't really look good if you don't tie a knot :)

    NKL- taak og niiice :)

  8. I love your bloh , i love your style ! move we back !
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