søndag den 4. april 2010

When your mother lost her temper

One picture bomb, coming right up.

A cute lil picture of me and the Farmor in Copenhagen. What a lovely trip it was.. More pictures from the adventures of Copenhagen will come soon.
Weekday top, Won Hundred jeans, S///Bar shoes, vintage sunglasses.

I'm one haggard motha fucka. Went out last night, it was awesome. Caught up on tons of sleep today, was awesome too. Going to the man's tonight, that should be awesome as well. Haha. But but but, I must go now, I have a bus and a train to catch. Happy Easter everyone!

5 kommentarer:

  1. The shirt looks really hot on you ;) loving the boots too.

  2. Nice outfit!

  3. Amazing top, I cant wait for the Copenhagen pics! Your hair is awesome!



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