søndag den 25. april 2010

Sweet shit at its best

Galla was yesterday. I'll update more about it at a later date. I am completely wasted, haggard and upset. The actual party was great- everyone enjoyed themselves and I only received positive feedback (I, along with two others, planned the entire event). But man, it's hard to enjoy yourself when two different people come to you with problems/questions every half hour. Ugh..

I'll wait to show you guys picture of me- I'd rather show you a picture of a guy in my class who oftens surprises with his creativity and style. Check it out!
He made his bowtie out of Lego! How sweet is that? Also, he was wearing a deep red velou blazer which completely made the entire outfit. Props.

Hoping everyone out there had a better weekend than I did.....

2 kommentarer:

  1. aw.
    that's so cute.

    looking forward to seeing the other pictures.

  2. It IS. He's awesome like that :)

    And thank you!



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