mandag den 19. april 2010

Spaces in between

Hello world! Today I'm a bum.. the weather is nice and I'm just chillin' around the house, trying to get some homework done and relaxing. I feel sickness coming upon me once again, but this time (I'm trying something new), I'm taking everything in babysteps hoping to ward off any sickness before it takes over. If I end up leaving the house today (the mall is calling my name in sweet song-voices), I'll take a picture of the outfit. Sold a top on Trendsales, meaning I have money for a couple accessories at H&M! Woot :)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Your such a bum.
    I wish there was an H&M around here.
    Stupid ottawa. No H&M. Guh!

  2. Jeg har lidt kigget et par sider igennem her på din blog, og hvor er det bare nogle skønne outfits du disker op med gang på gang!! :-) Jeg følger dig helt klart fast.


  3. Kelly- Yep, I am certainly a bum. It runs in the family. You should see Erik, he's reached epic hights of bum-ness. Haha. Yeah, pretty odd that Ottawa STILL doesn't have an H&M, but I'm sure it'll come soon enough :)

    NLR- tak tak tak. Dejligt med nye, begejstret læser! :D



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