onsdag den 21. april 2010

..On the Avalanche

I thought I'd show you guys some outfits.. Here's what I was wearing yesterday (I apologize, the lighting sucks).. The weather (as everyone knows and has commented on their blog) was ridiculous yesterday. Therefore I decided to be as rock/emo as ever, showcasing my dislike for the weather publicly. Haha.
Wearing.. Global Femme sweater, Cheap Monday acid wash jeans, Defeeter boots, H&M earrings.

And.. here's what I was wearing today (absolutely LOVE my sweater, despite that it's too big):
Wearing.. Acne sweater, April 77 jeans, Bianco flats, H&M ring.

I know my outfit today wasn't that creative, but I somehow feel it actually worked really nicely anyway? Happy Wednesday everyone!

5 kommentarer:

  1. FED sweater... *SS*
    Jeg har lige meldt mig som fast læser!
    Knus fra Maria.

  2. simple outfits are the best, unless ur walking straight out of the house and into the pages of a glossy editorial;) love ur over-size sweater over skinny jeans.

  3. im coming to visit one day! one day some day! hahaa

  4. Jeg kan vildt godt lide din stil!


  5. En Hittehønes verden- TAK! Og endnu tak :) Du er da bare en sveske!

    Alecca Rox- hehe, I know, I usually try not to over-do it!

    Kelly- Yes, Kelly. You gotta start saving and friggin' visit me already. I'VE LIVED HERE FOR 5 YEARS SINCE I MOVED BACK, TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED!

    bysophiedk- Tak :D



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