onsdag den 28. april 2010

Stay out

I've been trying to lay low for a while, but when I saw my "faste læser" number has reached 100, I thought I should drop a few lines and maybe a couple of pictures..
Wearing (I apologize the scrunchy face).. Bik Bok vest, Samsøe Samsøe long-sleeve, Won Hundred pants, Defeeter boots.

No better way to get over an achy heart (plus a good friend and painting, which I also did):

4 kommentarer:

    Love the outfit, tand your scrunched face does look cute :) hahahaha
    I'm jealous. there aren't very many cool places to go yet in ottawa. it's still too coooolldd. Your boardwalk looks fun. haha

  2. FRIES AND COOKIES ARE EXCELLENT. Hehe I loooove youuuu :)

    Oh yeah there are many places.. you just don't know them yet! We must find them this summer.. go discovering.. or adventuring.. I don't think adventuring is a word, but whateeeeev.

  3. Love your outfit!

    I've noticed that you often wear your vest from Bik Bok, and i think i'ts very cool actually! when did you buy it? :)


  4. Hej Anne Sofie.
    Jeg går ud fra du er dansk, så svarer lige på dansk :)

    Jeg købte den for ca. en måned siden, men den er stadig i Bik Bok, så den kan stadig købes :)

    Tak for din begejstring!



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