lørdag den 3. april 2010

Shoulders in the Mirror

So my trip to Copenhagen was lovely. I bought...

-3 rings (my ring collection is becoming not just big, but fucking massive).
-Won Hundred jeans
-Weekday top

Here are the rings. The two with stones were bought on "strøget" and the one on my middle finger is from Christiania. Soon, I will dedicate an entire post to my collection of rings.

Of course I would have bought a lot more stuff, but I just don't have the funds. Yeah yeah, I know, I'll stop whining. On Tuesday I'm picking up the lovely jean vest I've talked about, they didn't have it in Copenhagen anymore, so thank god they still do in Kolding.
Here's a little shot of what I'm wearing today...
My new Won Hundred jeans (fuckin' love them), various accessories, Bianco shoes.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Haha you and your rings. Awesome. I love the jeans too, the wash is nice on you.
    You gotta save up some monies for canada girl!

  2. Hehe, yep always been a ring gal ;)
    Well I thought it was time to get myself back to the blue jeans and I really like the wash cause it's an interesting shade of blue IRL.

    Oh don't worry, I am ;)

  3. grrrreat outfit, especially the shoes



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