fredag den 9. april 2010

Kissing the lipless

Despite the issues I wrote about previously, this week has been fantastic. And it just keeps getting better- today was my last (official) day of school, I'm going to my good friend's birthday tonight and my mom's big 50th birthday is tomorrow. So really, things couldn't be more lovely. Hurrah!

I bought this lovely jean vest a couple days ago. I love the bleached colour (perfect for spring and cool summer days), plus it makes a colourful addition to black outfits.
Wearing.. Bik Bok vest, Samsøe Samsøe tshirt (worn as a dress), Defeeter boots.
Have a good weekend kids!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I'm glad you've had a good week :)
    And your outfit looks ery good on you.

  2. er helt vild med det outfit.

  3. Kelly- thanks babycakes :D

    Emilie- Taaaak :)



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