tirsdag den 13. april 2010

It feels nice in here

The day's outfit coming right up ..
Wearing... H&M jean jacket, Gestuz silk top, Vintage sunglasses, Bianco shoes.

I'm going to have to express my opinion about some various things flying around blogland right now:

-I don't like Miu Miu's collection. Had the swallow/other bird/woman print been limited to a few cute tank tops, I would have much prefered it (as I've mentioned on other people's blogs, I didn't mind the Gina Tricot pink swallow top at all). I think all the hype around the collection is blown completely out of proportion and it saddens me to think that Alexa Chung's love of the shoes (the infamous twitter post, "Congratulations Miu Miu, you have made the perfect shoe") has started a craze. (Ps.- I don't think that the pink Miu Miu swallow shoe was the perfect shoe either).

Not only do I think that Miu Miu's use of the print was utterly over-done, but that the construction, design and over-all presentation of the collection was unimpressive. The only few pieces that could've been OK were the dresses with the gems, but then that annoying swallow print collar ruined it (it's tight around the neck, how annoying would that be to wear?).

And the thing that bugs me about the collection even more, is that the regular sized woman would look like a fucking twat walking down the street in one of those office pant/cut out blouse ensembles.

(Keep in mind... this is my opinion only. I may be completely wrong, but the good thing about fashion is that we're all entitled to an opinion and opinions in themselves are relative. I don't mean to offend anyone out there, but the truth of the matter is, blogland is crazy with Miu Miu DIY stockings, shoes, socks and so on. And I'm tired of it!)

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  1. Enig :D og fin blog - dejligt at du har så mange dagens, det kan jeg godt ide :D

  2. Hej Fuglen :)
    Jamen tak, synes også det er en fin måde at vise hvem man er, rent stilmæssigt. Hvis der kun bliver blogget om hvad man ønsker sig, synes jeg ikke der er så meget kød på ens blog! :)



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