fredag den 23. april 2010

Sirens grow and grow

So I went to the Cheap Monday release party in Weekday's Århus store yesterday. It was pretty fun, but I have to admit, I felt mildly out of place between all the hot ladies wearing Acne shoes, svelt makeup, and basically looking ultra chic.

I didn't bring my camera (which will come as a huge surprise anyone who knows me). I didn't want to be that annoying, wannabe blogger chick who took pictures of all the people that look a hundred times more cool than herself.

I tried to network as much as I could (with some degree of success), as most of you know, I'll be relocating to Århus after the summer if everything goes as planned. I'm going to need a nice lil apartment (that I can actually afford) plus a fulltime job, preferably at a clothing store. I met some really nice people who I've added on FB and hopefully will be able to help me with my job hunt..

I picked up this Weekday top.. I saw it in Copenhagen, but didn't buy it (which I totally regretted). So this was my chance. I love (love love love) the print and I'm sure it's going to be one of my favourite summer tops. Plus, at a price like 180kr, you can't really go wrong.
Galla is tomorrow.. so excited to get dressed up and wear my dress, that has been hanging in my closet for nearly two months and tempting the hell out of me every time I've had an occasion to wear it. I've resisted, but god it was hard! Pictures will come Sunday :)

Happy Weekend everybody (I know, no one says "happy weekend", but I'm starting something new here..).

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  1. YAY! networking is awesome and hopefully you can get a sweet job when you move.
    I love the top, its got a nice print and shape to it.
    And take LOTS of pictures tomorrow! hehe

  2. Kelly- go read LJ within the next couple days. I'll tell you all about the party and stuff, then you can be all informed :)

  3. love it, so perfect

  4. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  5. Rigtig fin blog, du har!!!!
    Jeg er helt vild med toppen,
    skal vist forbi Weekday :o)))

    Tag et kig forbi min blog, hvis du har lyst ;)

  6. Love it!

    No it's not fun! I was scared too. I'm still scared, I have my pratical exams done. But now comes my normal exams. Good luck!

    FED blog du har der, må klart til at se noget mere til den :D

    - kathrine



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