tirsdag den 10. august 2010

All the rage

I had a fabulous day with my mom. We searched high and low for treasures, in the second hand stores here in Kolding. But, I arrived home empty-handed. There were a few things that caught my attention and that I almost bought, but I don't want to spend unnecessary money unless I am completely sure of the purchase (and I was not).

I am feeling rather sad right now, despite the fact that I have a lot to be happy about. It's odd and would require a lengthy explanation (which I a) don't want to do, and b) no one wants read), so therefore I will leave it at that. Hope everyone is feeling better than me :)
Wearing.. Wilfred top, Garage jeans, Bianco shoes, Blonde purse.
Here are my new shoes (yep, pretty reminiscent of my Smuk shoes) from Bianco. As I'm returning to work soon, I will be picking up even more new ones. I've already eyed several pairs at work, can't wait to update my shoe wardrobe a bit!
And remember, a Q & A will soon be posted, here's your opportunity to ask any questions! Send to my email: lineandreekeller@hotmail.com

5 kommentarer:

  1. looooooove the outfit! :-)

    - Celine // celineleon.blogspot.com

  2. I'm glad you had a great time shopping with your mom :) and btw the hair looks really nice, and I love your outfit in this picture.

    Miss you xo

  3. your body is perfect!! and i love your outfit!

  4. Kelly- Yeah the day with my mom was awesome!

    Leolovesneo- thanks and thanks :)



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