mandag den 9. august 2010

Hunting season starts tomorrow

I have some errands to run tomorrow. It'll be nice to have a reason to get my lazy ass out of bed, assemble a fun outfit, and have a nice day with my mom. As much as I may fight with my mom, I surely do love her. Last Saturday, I spent my day with her downtown and it was seriously nice. Repeats are happening tomorrow, as she has the day off. My mom also has a pretty sweet style, I keep asking her to let me take an outfit picture to share with you guys. She doesn't want to, but don't worry, I'll get her to agree soon enough ;)

Today I was a domestic little mamma, if I do say so myself. I sorted some of drawers, took down the laundry, cleaned, and made supper. I'm also looking forward to a new pair of shoes tomorrow, yay for new shoes!

I don't have much money this month, as I took all summer off. I am utterly excited about starting work again, as this "poor mothafucka" thing is getting old (and BORING). Speaking of my poor, broke self, my mom and I will be hitting all the second-hand stores here in Kolding in search of gold (with a small price tag). Wish me luck! :) 
Here's a picture taken at Charles De Gaulle airport from our trip. It shows the pretty detailing of this Wilfred top I picked up in Canada. Maybe I'm I'll be wearing that tomorrow?

And remember ladies, I'll be doing a Q & A soon, so if you have any questions, now is the time to ask! I've already received quite a few on my mail, so either post your question in the comments section or send to my mail! :)

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  1. Yay for new shoes! I got new shoes recently! the heels I finally found that I was looking for! haha.
    I love my mom too, its nice and comforting to spend days with the family.
    i hope you were able to find what you wanted today :)

  2. You got them? Why don't you post a picture on your blog of them? I want to see!

    And no.. I didn't really find anything :(



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