onsdag den 11. august 2010

I just gotta see it for myself

I did something bad today. I'm still really in doubt as to whether or not it's okay. I'm defintely not one of those people who is into copies, as I find it disrespectful to the designer. But I work in Bianco.. and these wedges basically have the PERFECT shape. It's as though the plateau and the heel are in complete harmony... And let's be honest, I don't have 2700kr for a pair of designer wedges.. What do you guys think?

I also picked up another pair of boots, two tops from Samsøe Samsøe, a necklace from H&M and received a FABULOUS present from my bestest neighbor! The stuff that isn't showed today will surface tomorrow. Plus, I work tomorrow ( I only have two shifts in August), and the first thing on my list when I get my paid is a new phone (the Nokia I previously posted a picture of). Can't wait to have a new phone that actually functions properly! Yay :D
New shirt by Dr. Denim and necklace from H&M (it's actually a headband, but I like it better this way). Also, welcome to the 15 new readers in the past week. Totally awesome, thank you for the support! You guys make blogging fun :)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Love the necklace!:)


  2. Nina- Årh tak for det. Er allerede virkelig glad for den! Den kostede kun 30kr, det er jo virkelig skønt at finde sådan nogle fine ting til INGEN penge! :D

  3. Those shoes are pretty cool. I like them :)
    Necklace looks nice.
    I'm heading to an H&M today in Calgary. WOOT! however clothes are probably much different here.

  4. Kelly- I know, they are pretty sweet. I hope you find some awesome stuff while you're out shopping! The best part? That very few people in Ottawa will have the same stuff! :D



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