lørdag den 21. august 2010

For the dough

I basically found the perfect wallet (I've been searching for ages!). I am defintely adding this to my birthday wishlist! I love how simple it is. I'm not usually into makes like DKNY that plaster their name across the surface of their product, but this wallet is pretty suddle, it's the perfect size, it's black leather, and has a gold zipper. Doesn't get much better than that.

5 kommentarer:

  1. nice wallet! Very snazzy. Haha I love my choice of words...
    you must have one hell of a birthday wish list.
    only one more month!

  2. Tony- Hi back.

    Kelly- Tis very shnazzy. I do have a crazy list, and I KNOW I'M SO EXCITED.

  3. Den ser også super lækker ud :)

  4. Sanne- tak! Det synes jeg også :D



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