fredag den 6. august 2010

Planning ahead

Yesterday went really well, although not quite how I expected. I am now forced to make a rather large decision and I'm not sure what the fuck to do (pardon my French). Until then, I'll be figuring out what other options might be available.

I have a few goals for the coming year. I thought I might share them, as it will be more fun for me to reach these goals if everyone is aware of them (and can hold me acountable, haha).

Goals for 2010
  • Invest in a Mulberry Bayswater
  • Save up at least 10 000kr
  • Plan (and possibly execute) a trip to London
  • Learn how to cook 10 more dishes (I need to practice for my future as a 1950's housewife)
  • Read 5 books (I used to read all the time, but as I got into high school (gymansium) I wasn't able to find the time)
  • Start making a scrapbook of my time in high school
  • Buy YSL ring
Goals for 2011
  • Plan a trip to Paris
  • Buy Chanel bag 2.55 while in Paris
  • Learn how to become a skilled photoshop pirate
  • Complete scrapbook
  • Investigate possible career avenues
  • Purchase the classic Rayban aviators
  • Possibly stop smoking?
  • Visit Tokyo with my dad (he's promised me a trip if I save a couple of thousand kroners, which is nothing compared to what it actually costs)
  • Attend Roskilde Festival (if the bands are good)
There is a lot of here. I'm not going to beat myself up if these things are not accomplished. I mean, many of these things require money, planning, a partner in crime and those things may not be readily available. But, it's always nice to have something to work towards. I'm excited already!
This is the first item I'm going to work towards. Be mine Mulberry!

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  1. the bag is really nice. good choice. good goals all around. The scrapbook thing is nice - it's always fun to be creative with old photos and memories :). I would also like to learn how to cook some more easy-but-yummy dishes to throw into the mixture.

    Now you have me thinking about my goals... hahaha

  2. You've got nice goals,good luck with it!

  3. Hold kæft, den er nice! Tror nu jeg vil foretrække den i NICE!!! :)

  4. Kelly- Yeah that bag is fantastic. Those Mulberry Bayswaters never go out of style, it's a classic. That's why this bag is number one on the list. And after this one, it's going to be the Chanel! :)

    I'm happy to hear I've made you consider some life goals. I really I hope I achieve mine!

    Phuong- thank you!

    Gowry- Ja den er pisse nice. Du har ret, den er også virkelig lækker i brun, men for mit vedkomme, vil sort passe bedst ind i garderoben :)

  5. Åhh jeg ville ønske, at jeg også kunne tage mig sammen til at spare op til en lækker taske, men jeg ender altid med at bruge pengene på noget andet inden får sparet det nødvendig op.


  6. Miss Jeanett- Jeg kender godt det, med at ville spare sammen til noget men så at bruge pengene et andet sted. Men jeg regner med at tjene nok til at kunne både spare sammen til støre ting, man alligevel shoppe andre sager :)



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