onsdag den 25. august 2010

All the right places

Picked up a few more shifts ar work which was nice. It means I'm not sitting around the house on my lazy ass doing absolutely nothing. Oh, and it also means a bit more money. I've been looking at several Acne dresses for my bithday on the 23rd of September. Speaking of birthdays.. I can't freakin' wait until it's mine turn once again!

Also, tomorrow is likely going to be ridiculously stellar. Can't wait to spend my evening in a killer outfit, in the company of lovely people and listening to sweet tunes on the dancefloor.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of me and my new boots (yep, bought even more new shoes!).
Wearing.. Community hoodie (bought at Aritzia), Bik Bok vest, Bianco circular scarf and boots.

8 kommentarer:

  1. New boots? Sweeet! I also picked up a skirt like you're wearing. WHen you were in Canada we talked about it and i found one similar for $8! Woot!

    Killer outfit? Take a picture ;)

  2. Kelly- awesome! Good deals rock my world. I'll defintely try to remember to take a picture :)

    JMay- thank you! Pretty simple though, didn't have anything to do yesterday, hence the lack of creativity :)

  3. I like your boots! And the outfit makes me wanna have colder weather here, so I can wear my scarfs haha!

  4. I LOVE this outfit! It looks amazing! :)


  5. Virkelig fedt look!
    Hvis du har lyst, kan du tjekke min blog aliceheide.blogspot.com og fortæl mig hvad du syntes!


  6. Roadrunner- Aww thanks :)

    Alice Heide- Tak for det!

    claarax- :)



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