søndag den 8. august 2010

Already getting excited

So, I usually stay away from double-posting in one day. But today I am making an exception, seeing as it's past midnight. AKA, it's no longer today, technically.

My birthday is coming up in September. I love celebrating my birthday. It gives me an excuse to gather all my friends in one place, make awesome food, play really lound music, get presents and go dancing. I've already started to think of what to wish for. I've made a little collage :)
Nokia E71, cupcake jars from moods.dk, ring from fashionology.nl, shirt from Acne.

And readers, remember that I will soon be posting a Q & A, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! All questions are welcome. Drop the question in the comments section or send them to my email: lineandreekeller@hotmail.com

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  1. the phone looks just like a black berry, but its not. so random! Sweet cupcake jars, i've seen those before ;)

    I love birthdays too btw!

  2. So lovely :)))


  3. My b-day is in september too, and i am looking for a wishlist too^^


  4. Kelly- I know, the phone looks a lot like a blackberry, but I like this phone more than a blackberry I think!

    minnja- Thank you :)

    Enamodeuse- Hehe, looking for stuff to wish for is half the fun :)

  5. Great wishlist!!! loving the acne top!

  6. fashionstoned- thank you! And that top is fabulous!

    Darya- I know :D

  7. I have the black Nokia E71. I'm really happy about it! It's nice looking and really easy to use :) Go get one!

  8. lige et lille tip:) Du kan på cupcakes "krukkerne" i søstrene grene i alle mulige forskellige størrelser og ligner de to på en prik:)

    Smil Ditte



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