torsdag den 11. marts 2010


Accidents happen when H&M has good sales- like 100kr off any jacket or blazer. So I obviously fell into that trap. I picked up the 3 following things: statement earrins, jean jacket, faux leather jacket (meaning there will be no shopping from me for the next 2 weeks.. Awesome).

I'm still not sure whether or not to keep the "leather jacket"- I know, PETA wants to murder me, but I don't like the look of fake leather, nor do I like the feel. But at 79kr, how could I not buy it and at least think about it?

I'm already madly in love with my jean jacket! Gaaaah, can't wait to wear it EVERYWHERE.

PS.- Please check out my post before this one. I'm in a serious fashion crisis, I need your help!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Accidents happen when kelly has a credit card and online access 24 hours a day.
    An accident happened yesterday and it cost me 85$.

    I miss you!
    Love the jean jacket on you, and the leather does look nice.

  2. Hahha dw, if you love it keep it.
    Love the earrings!

    TEE&FAME x

  3. I love the denim jacket! And the faux leather is cool too, I think you should keep it;)
    Your blog is amazing, and you're really really gorgeous - no kidding!
    Check out my blog, if you'd like - and I'm your follower number 30, haha

  4. Kelly: the jean jacket is pretty stellar, it's going to be perfect for all those warm spring days that BETTER BE COMING SOON.

    Stace: Yeah, I'll probably keep it :)

    Filippa K: Hehe tak tak. Og endnu mere tak. Jamen jeg tjekker det da lige ud :)



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