lørdag den 27. marts 2010

Repossesed my car

Been sick. Every time a holiday rolls around, my body says "ok, now Line can afford to get sick". Thanks a lot. Plus, my wisdom teeth are making their appearence, and my entire face is sore, from my jaw all the way to my ears. What. The. Fuck.

One good thing? My summer holiday (CANADA) has been purchased, can't fucking wait. Though, I'm thinking it might be a slightly emotional journey. Still haven't visited Grandmama's grave, god that's going to suck.
Gestuz top, Lux jeans, Bianco ballarinas.

Been in a total fashion rut, hence the lack of posting.

3 kommentarer:

  1. ............men line andree! du ser fantastisk ud alligevel ;-) endnu et super fedt outfit!!

    - Celine.

  2. Celine: Årrrhh tak :)

    Kelly: Hehe, I know. Me too!



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