torsdag den 4. marts 2010

Henney Buggy

I was at the mall yesterday- I went with a girlfriend and I had a great time. It's been so long since I haven't gone to the mall on my own and it was actually quite nice to have some company. I picked up the Gestuz stocking I've been talking about for ages now (when I went to buy it last week, there weren't any 34s left, so they had to order it), a simple black bodystocking with 3/4 sleeves deep neck, back and front, and a Starwars tshirt.

I also managed to find a perfect orange nailpolish at the dollar store- 10kr! Not bad. Anddd.. Bianco had gotten new sunglasses, so of course I ended up bringing a pair home. And now for some pictures..
It's vibrant (maybe a bit too intense, but meh), easy to apply and dried quickly. Could it get any better for 10kr? I mean, I am (and always will remain) partial to my Chanel nails, but sometimes going cheap is just as good.
I'm wearing new (robot-inspired) sunnies, Gestuz bodystocking, H&M blazer, April 77 jeans, Defeeter boots, inheritred bag (and notice the orange nails!).

4 kommentarer:

  1. Vild med looket :) Kig forbi min blog hvis du har lyst :-)

  2. Love the outfit and H&M's nailpolish! ;)

    // Fashion Affairs

  3. Nej hvor er den neglelak i en flot farve!

    Kig forbi :)

  4. Jeg er vild med brillerne. Og outfittet generelt :)




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