onsdag den 10. marts 2010

That's what I want

I'm high on the feeling that I've actually managed to accomplish some shit today.

1) Went to my one class (haha)
2) Went to the bank, started not one, but two savings accounts and sorted the rest of my economic situation out (not that I'm in debt or anything though)
3) Got further on the planning of our school's prom
4) Did a bit of homework (though not a lot, so I don't deserve massive props)
5) Trasnferred money to a seller from Trendsales (yep, another pair of shoes are in the mail)
6) Baked cookies
7) Painted my nails and conditioned my dry hair
8) Only smoked 4½ cigarettes!

Wow. That is one seriously long list, compared to what it usually is! Look at what's coming in the mail:
I saw these boots at Samsøe a few months ago and wanted to buy them. When I returned to pick them up, of course there were none left. So I've been keeping an eye out for them on Trendsales, and low and behold, they finally showed up!

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  1. smoking 0 cigarettes would be best.

    I want cookies.



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