mandag den 29. marts 2010

Life could've been royalty

Oh. My. God.

The entire left side of my face is on fire. Eating anything is a chore. I get ear aches on and off. I officially hate wisdom teeth. They're most defintely getting in the way of my attempts to enjoy this vacation. But but but, I'm going to Copenhagen tomorrow evening, should be sweet. Hangouts with the grandparents and shopping- not bad at all. I pretty much know exactly what I'm going to spend my money on though..

-Won Hundred jeans
-Cowboy vest
-H&M earrings
-MbyM high waisted skirt

And after all these purchases have been made, there won't be much money left over to buy other shit. Oh well, at least the stuff I'm planing on buying is awesome.

Scarf from London, trench from Second Female, shoes from Bianco.

I'm wearing my new Bianco wedges. As pretty as they are, they're a pain to wear. They're not really comfortable and there is now plateau below my toes to support my foot. So basically, my feet kill after just a few hours of wearing them. Sigh.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Your shoes are awesome.
    And nice shopping list. You'll have to take lots of pictures ;)

    Oh, and your wisdom teeth, that sucks. Mine never really hurt that much. Hopefully the pain stops soon. Then you'll have to get them out.

  2. Great outfit. Love the neutral colours paired with the black. Hope your wisdom teeth stop being a pain! I had mine taken out before they even came through. Have fun in Copenhagen!

  3. Those shoes are amazing.

    I had my wisdom teeth taken out last month.
    I can so relate.



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