onsdag den 24. marts 2010

Jungle Sometimes

Lookin' like a grumpy old man today.. as unattractive as it is, I kinda like it. But then I saw my legs (which have been throughly neglected the entire winter), I realized it was time to bust out the feminin shit and get myself together! So.. now I'm writing to the world (all 43 of you, plus Kelly) with freshly shaven legs. Not only are they smooth as ice, but they also smell like Vanilla. Yum.

Samsøe Samsøe sweater, Tiger of Sweden jeans, Defeeter boots, H&M earrings. Pretty standard.

Hoping to get my hands on these boots- they're the beloved S///Bar ones (that I already have in black), but this brown colour has really grown on me.. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it'll be this month the economic situation makes it possible. Damn.

6 kommentarer:

  1. At least you're a stylish grumpy old man :)

    Great outfit. Reminds me I need to add a pair of grey jeans to my wardrobe.

    Good luck with the boots!

  2. Hej,
    hvor har du fået dine extensions, og hvad har du givet for dem? :)

  3. Soph: they look grey here, but they're actually blue with this neat pink acid wash :D But I also have a pair of grey jeans and they're awesome! :D

    Nanna: Jamen jeg fik dem lavet af en frisør veninde, det var hendes "afgangseksamen" i extensions, så jeg fik det super billigt (1000kr). Havde jeg fået det lavet hos en etableret frisør og fra samme mærker, skulle jeg ha' givet omkring de 5000kr.

  4. yeah at least youre a hot old man ;)

    and i know what it feels like to neglect your legs. I have a bad habit of it with Keefer not minding a lot and all.......hahahaha

    And btw, I am counted as your 43 people because I do have a profile or i wouldnt be able to comment. remember!

  5. Hey, love the blog :) And you are Danish-Canadian! I am (sort of) too...I'm Canadian, but my mom's family is originally from Denmark, and now I am living in Dk for school. Random information! haha



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