mandag den 15. marts 2010


I spontaneously ended up going on a little roadtrip with the man today. He had some errands to run, so I skipped school (damn..) and came along for the ride. No shopping was done (sadly enough), but we still managed to have an okay time.

It was really nice walking around and getting a better feel for the city, esp. considering I'll be moving there after the summer? Really nervous about that- so much has to work out before I can sigh with relief. I have to save up some more money, find an apartment, get a job, make new much! It's proving to be a daunting task.

Can anyone recommend some good places to visit in Århus (planning on going again very soon)? I mean, I know of Aros and some various cafe's and shit... but I need some tips!

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  1. i have nothing else to say, that you look awesome!

  2. I like your blog:) So I follow you from right now! I hope you will check my blog too:

  3. lovely blog!and ure are stunning dear! very pretty!

    xoxo jenna

  4. Thanks to all of you who have ccommented :)
    I'll be checking out your blogs now.. !

  5. I love the first picture, it has such a cool feeling..

    - Glitter Amaie..

  6. Love this casual chic look! great blog ;) xoxo



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