onsdag den 17. marts 2010

But now I'm past caring

Everytime I see that I have gotten a new reader, I get excited and even more inspired to write a new post. I love seeing my "readers number" slowly (but surely) go upwards, so thank you to all that have joined my blog or have left comments. It's so lovely!

Signs of spring are certainly not to be missed anymore. The sun keeps showing its bright face in between hovering clouds that rain on us (what's more SPRING than rain?!)..and the sun's bright face is pretty lovely too. Despite these heartwarming signs of a new season springing upon us, I still manage to be completely and utterly stressed out about life, work, the future, school and well..everything else. Hoping this tough stretch will pass sooner rather than later..

Until then, I have some pictures :D
I know I shouldn't have taken these pictures against the sun, but dear Momma was already complaining and what not (she hates being the photographer), so I didn't want to push anymore buttons. In other words, sorry it's a tad bright!

Wearing... H&M blazer, Gestuz body, Won Hundred pants, Defeeter boots, Blond bracelet.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Mums er vild som i VILD, med dine bukser! :)

    Forsat go forårsdag!

    Vh Simone/fashionmanifest

  2. Ja jeg er også forelsket i dine bukser!

  3. Årrrhh tak piger!
    Er også smadre glad for dem. De kan stadig købes i Samsøe Samsøe til 800kr :)

  4. Joiner de andre og siger WOW for nogle lækre bukser! :)


  5. We love that look. Rock Chic!




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