lørdag den 6. marts 2010

They are night zombies

A picture overload is ahead.

Yesterday's outfit.. New Star Wars tshirt, Won Hundred pants, S///Bar wedges, Blond Accessories bracelet.

Today's outfit:

I'm wearing... new body stocking (though a bit too big), Cheap Monday pants, Defeeter boots, new H&M bracelet.

I had a lovely day at work. But something weird? My feet have gotten smaller! Yeah yeah, I know, that's "impossible" but seriously- I used to always be a 39 but now I sometimes need a 37 and never bigger than a 38. Fuckin' shaddy...

2 kommentarer:

  1. mine too, line. i used to wear size 10 mostly. now size 9 always does me, sometimes needing an 8 (mostly in flats cuz they stretch). it's very very weird.

  2. very nice outfits!




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