fredag den 5. marts 2010


I've noticed quite a few posts about wanting tattoos- throughout my youth, I've experimented with various forms of body modification. I mean, I've had 17 piercings (some have been taken out since) and also have a tattoo. I'l probably end up getting more, but unlike piercings, tattoos cannot exactly be removed easily..
I thought I'd share a couple pictures of my beauty:
I got the tattoo done 2½ years ago- I had always told my grandmama I'd get a tattoo that had something to do with her, so when she was diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to get it done before she passed away. When she saw it she cried and said "now you'll never forget me". It's a pretty emotional thing I had done, esp. now since she isn't around any longer.

My advice to anyone getting something done: think about it for a while. And when you've thought it through, think about it again. Make sure it's something you want on your body forever- and if you're not covered in tattoos already, then get it a "private" place that can easily be concealed.

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