onsdag den 31. marts 2010

What does that mean

I spent the whole day roaming the streets of Copenhagen today. I had a great day- picked up some seriously lovely things that I can't wait to post! But..it must wait a few more days. I also had a shit ton of pizza and hot chocolate today, hells yes! My spirits have been lifted, though I'm still not 100% back to my normal state of being. Hoping that comes soon..

Tried these shoes on.. They were great in every way, except that I can't afford them this month. Haha.. hoping one will still be able to get them next month!
I'm ridiculously tired, I should probably head to bed soon.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Good to hear you enjoyed yourself :) being happy is the key to enjoying things. And hot chocolate...yum! I had pizza today too :P

  2. de sko, er super fine jeg vil gerne have nogle men bare ikke med hul foran, de er så skønne!

  3. De er så skønne. Jeg holder mig også på en sikkerhedsafstand af 4 meter fra dem, for jeg ved jeg ikke vil kunne stå imod :)

  4. Cecilie og Tilia- De findes også uden hul, tror også man kan købe den version på smartgirl.dk?

    Sara-Hehe jaaa.. de er jo perfekte til sommer. Må ha' dem købt næste måned!



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