søndag den 14. marts 2010

For Windows in Paradise

I had a fantastic weekend- tons of girl hangouts, it was rad. Went out both Friday and Saturday- can anyone say sleep deprived? But man was it worth it.. But I must say, my weekend couldn't have ended better: I was napping and the man surprised me by coming early to wake me up in his boxers to snuggle. How perfect is that?
Here's a picture from town. Yeah, we look awesome.
Here are some pictures from today. Despite being haggard beyond belief and wanting no part in photo ops, I did manage to suck it up.
Samsøe jacket, Ganni top, Tiger of Sweden jeans, S///Bar shoes, Bianco sunglasses, Yellow Kings.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hvis der var en "synes-godt-om-knap!" Havde jeg trykket på den! Enkle og fede outfits.
    Rigtig skøn blog btw.

    - Celine :-)

  2. Hvor er du sød :)
    Og mange tak..skal da lige smutte forbi din nu.. hehe

    Line Andree

  3. Hardly haggard. Loving that black top.

  4. Nice to meet you to :) I love your outfit!



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