tirsdag den 23. marts 2010

Specs & Suni

Soooo.. I have a boyfriend. And well, his love for music (and making it) can accurately be compared to my love of fashion and clothing.

A while back, he entered a contest called "Karriere Kanonen" and was chosen! Pretty big news here in Denmark (hvis man er dansk, så kender man vel Magtens Korridor, Tue West, Johnny Deluxe, osv. alle sammen bands/musikerer som hittede i DK pga. Karriere Kanonen) and well, the man is pretty excited about it. Here's a bit of press for the boys:

If you want to have a listen to their music, click here (it would mean a lot to them, and ME):


My man is the dude to the left in all the above pics, and Jonas is the other one. He our really good friend and his Jonas' girlfriend is my best friend, so we're basically always together (the 4 of us). Good times are constant in our little group!

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  1. Min kommentar er jo egentlig ret irrelevant for indlægget, men ville lige fortælle dig at din header er super flot! Det er virkelig et skide godt billede af dig..

  2. jeg elsker din blog. q;



  3. yay :D
    It sounds exciting. And like I previously said, congrats :) It's a really awesome experience.



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